I'm happily married to Moshe, and we have one boy named Ori.

The Meaning of the Name "Naoz"

Naos (yes, with "s") is a star about 430pc from us, in the constellation Puppies. Naos in Greek means ship. Moshe, my husband, and I chose this name because we both are amateur astronomers, and the word ship is suitable for our journey together. We have changed it to Naoz (this time with a z) so it will sound like a word in Hebrew.

example graphic Naos (also known as Zeta Puppis) is an O5 class star. This means that its effective temperature is about 42,000 Kelvin (the sun effective temperature is 5800 Kelvin). Its distance from the sun is about 1400 light year (about 430 pc). It is very luminous star, about 790000 the solar luminosity. The location of Naos on the sky is just below Sirius, in the constellation Argonauts, (Argo). Argo is very large. Thus, in the nineteenth century, astronomers broke it into parts: Carina, the Keel, Vela, the Sails, and Puppis, the Stern. Naos, the Zeta (no. 7) star of Argo, fell into Puppis.

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